This page contains a list of all announced operations. To have your operation added submit it here.

AshlandKK8EMA146,446Lots of fun. nice turn out of club members
ButlerK8BCR2m 70cmI may do 6m voice and I'll most likely utilize 2M APRS
ColumbianaK8GQB6M, 2M, 70cm.Lisbon Area Amateur Radio Association We'll be on 6 meters, 2 meters and 70cm. We plan on having a station capable of being able to do SSB and digital on all bands as well.
ColumbianaKC8SUI2meter 440 mhzAlso will visit Columbiana county Lisbon club site
CuyahogaKC8NZJ147.480, 446.100DEC
CuyahogaN8ESGvariousN8ESG will activate as a Rover in conjunction with N8CUY
CuyahogaN8RKEVarious 2 MeterLooking forward to the contest
FairfieldKE8RJD146.490, 146.460,146.520, 446.000,446.025, 446.050,446.100Off grid on my property using temporary set-up
HamiltonK8ZOZ146.520Hamilton County AEC
HamiltonKB8MYC145.450 146.520
HamiltonKD8ZLB145.450, 147420. 146520Hamilton Co. AEC
HamiltonKD8ZLD145.450 146.520 446.000ARES AEC. Greenhills
HamiltonN8FTZ146.490 146.520 146.450 446.000APRSbeacon 144.39V
HardinW8KTN146.550 146.565 146.535Will operate from the EOC.
JeffersonKE8VMG2m and 440
LickingKD8SCL146.400, 145.570, 146.520, 146.490, 146.460Various 2M and some 6M
LickingKE8UUO2 M 6M
LickingN8ADX146.49 146.46 146.52 446 446.025 446.05 446.1
MontgomeryKE8HYN52.525, 146.520 MHz
SummitKD8JJF2M, 440MHZ 6M2M-FM 440-FM 6M SSB/FT4/FT8
WayneW8WOORecommended FM AnalogEOC