OH VHF+ Simplex Contest Score Submission

Select the county operated in. For non-rover operations outside of Ohio choose "Non-Ohio Fixed/Portable" at the bottom of the list. For Rover stations, choose Rover at the bottom of the list.
See Rule Section 3 - Entry Categories for type descriptions and rules.
Enter the callsign used in the event. Callsign must be a US or Canadian format callsign.
ARES Officials are described in Rule 7.1. Only those appointed to a role that appears in the list within Rule 7.1 are an ARES Official for the purposes of this contest.
Please enter a valid email address
Round up to the nearest whole hour. For example, if operating 1.5 hours, enter "2".
Was ARPS used to beacon location or announce operations? See Rule 7.4

QSO Information

Band # of QSOs # of ARES Officials # of EOCs
Other Bands
Enter the distinct number of counties countacted. Rovers DO NOT double the number counties here; the double-county bonus will be automatically calculated.
Select YES here if the operation used anything other than commercial utility power such as a generator, solar power, or batteries. Batteries must have been charged prior to the station's operation began and may not be charged during the contest period after the beginning of operations.

Enter any comments about the contest

Calculated field includes rover doubling when apporpriate